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My name is Redd and I'm an adult artist from the USA. I work primarily with Sculpy Original polymer clay, although I do love ceramics as well (tfw no kiln....) I use Clip Studio Paint for any digital drawings.Please do not message or commision me if you do not support transgender, queer, poc, or other minority groups, thank you! (I will block you)Find me on:
Discord: ReddRoomba#6041
Toyhouse: ReddRoomba

Sculpture Pricing and Examples

Pricing varies wildly depending on size and complexity. Base price is generally $10 per inch with fees for complexity varying depending on my feelings towards it. Please have very clear reference images for this. Shipping is generally $5-10 (within the states), but orders over $100 get free shipping.

Example pricing:
- 1st image: 10-12 inches, mid detail, $100-120
- 2nd image: 4-5 inches, mid detail, $45-50
- 3rd image: 6-7 inches, mid detail, small base, $80-90

Drawing Pricing and Examples

Character in 3rd image belongs to onetailesstiefling

Standard style:
- Full body: $30 rendered, $20 flat, $10 lined
- Half Body: $20 rendered, $15 flat, $10 Lined
- Headshot: $15 rendered, $10 flat
- Props/Background can be discussed for a $5-20 dollar fee depending on complexity!

Character in 2nd image belongs to Rokkudaunn
Character in 3rd image belongs to PeachyCryptid

Newsprint style:
- Full body: $20 with color, $55 without
- Half Body: $15 with color, $10 without
- Headshot: $10 with color, $5 without
- Props/Background can be discussed for a $5-20 dollar fee depending on complexity!

Terms Of Service

- I retain the right to use your commission as example work and post it to my social medias. I will not resell your commission or prohibit you from posting it (with proper credit.)
- You are free to do anything with your commission EXCEPT: turn it into a NFT, use it for any type of commercial use, post it pubically without credit back to me.
- Payment is due after the sketch for all drawings. I will not touch the money until it is completed.
- Payment is due either all up front, or half up front/half at shipping for sculptures. Up front is the point just before I bake the sculpture for the first time.
- Payment is accepted through PayPal and Cashapp.
- Sculptures come from a non-smoking, pet friendly home. Please be wary of commissioning if you have cat allergies.
- You must be 18+ or have a parents permission before commissioning me for physical art.
- I can hold on to the sculpture for any amount of time you may need.
- Drawings have no physical counterpart and will not be shipped to you.